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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 30, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EST

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geoff: don't say that. it was a thriller minute. craig: i like it when you talk like that. geoff: i can't help it. it's the only way it comes out. craig: you know, it would be great to hear you -- i don't know why -- i'm doing trance sill vainian -- transsylvanian. geoff: it sounds like a reboot. by the way, i'm working on impressions of other robots. craig: what do you got? geoff: hey, i'm r 2d 2. craig: the one from buck rogers. >> beatly, beatly. craig: it's like we're there. >> check out this one. danger -- craig: i can't talk now. good night, everybody.
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. will he or won't he?
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herman cain's presidential campaign may be on after all. plus compare his scandal to bill clinton. plus topper is tracking if you're going to need the umbrella again tomorrow. i gathered it uch. >> but first tonight, it's a race against the clock as a local mother struggles to find her family a proper burial. this is 9news now. >> the next time you think your life has gone awry, remember this story. remember the woman you're about to see. >> a woman who lost three relatives because of a fire. matt jablow is here with the latest story we have seen in a long time. >> reporter: you hit the nail hard on the head. three people are now dead after a fire here on griffith street in lewisdale. >> they brought my sister out. >> reporter: choking back tears
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while talking to reporters, mural monroe says she has lost everything. >> everything i think possible to have. >> reporter: and who could possibly blame her for feeling that way. the 62-year-old resident was the only person to get out alive when her house caught fire around 4:00 sunday morning. >> i broke the window in my sister's room to try to get in. >> reporter: the three other people in the house have now all died. her 6-year-old grandson passed away a few hours after the fire started. her sister and daughter died last night. she's faced with a tragedy with what the fire department calls epic proportions. fire investigators say the cause of the fire was an overloaded power strip in the house. it does not appear the home had any working smoke alarms. >> i was able to come out of the house by the kitchen. >> reporter: this afternoon, she described getting out of the flame and smoke-filled house and then trying to save the others. >> i knocked at my daughter's
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bedroom window and she answered me. i said get out, the house is on fire. but she didn't make it. she never made it out. >> reporter: in addition to dealing with her terrible grief tonight, she is also trying to figure out a way to pay for the funerals of her three loved ones. if you would like to help out, you can go to any branch of bank of america and tell them you would like to give to the memorial fund. >> i'll never forget the pain or her face. this one just in, new video of the maryland man suspected of the disappearance of a woman in aruba. he is now a free man. they released giordano a few hours ago. he had been detained for nearly four months in a suspect in the presumed death of robyn gardner. he claims she was swept out to sea while they were snorkeling. police have yet to find her body. well, it looks tonight like
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the herman cain train might soon derail because of an allegation he conducted a 13-year extramarital affair. cain told his top staff today he is reassessing his campaign. gary nurenberg is here with what all that might mean. gary. >> reporter: well, derek, he has long described himself as a businessman who coldly looks at the facts before making a decision, approaching the facts in that manner tonight could lead him out of the campaign. >> there is an old negro spiritual entitled we ain't got long to stay here. >> reporter: that was herman cain tuesday night after telling campaign aids he is reassessing a campaign after a woman said he had a 13-year-old affair. she showed an inscription in the book. >> was this an affair? >> no. >> there was no sex? >> no. >> reporter: earlier this month, four other women claimed to have been harassed by cain. cain's numbers in the polls have dropped from 30% earlier this
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month to 15% now. but when bill clinton ran his first 1992 campaign, his poll numbers did not take a big hit even after allegations of an affair by jennifer flowers and claims of unwanted advances from paula jones. why the difference? >> herman cain not only has sexual harassment allegations, a series of issues, libya, where he seems to not know the answer to questions. so republican voters are confronted with allegations as well as what seems like a lack of knowledge about issues. bill clinton new the issues well. i think those two things combined in this case were not the case in '92. >> reporter: the lyrics to the music as cain left the stage tuesday night ♪ i will not give up on this fight ♪ ♪ i will not fade into the night ♪ ? well, we'll see. cain has not made a decision and
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he has not ruled out suing ginger white for making an allegation cain continues to insist is false. anita. >> lots more ahead. an update now on a story you only saw on 9th. a local cancer patient's fight with a major airline. u.s. airways has granted her a full refund for her tickets. lynne and her family had planned a trip to belize in january but her doctor will not let her go after her doctor said she has breast cancer. last night the best u.s. airways would do is offer her transferable vouchers. but after our story aired, they decided to give her a full refund. today we saw another sign of how rough things have gotten for folks in this economy. hundreds of people camped out for hours in northwest dc hoping for a chance to get a new place
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to live. tonight they're left with disappointment. the desperate scene unfolded at a subsidized apartment complex in columbia heights. here is the worst part. there are no actual vacancies at the complex. this was just to get your name on a waiting list. that left many who waited through the night extremely frustrated and feeling helpless. >> i have been standing out here for 14 or 15 hours for me to go in there for two seconds and don't get nothing accomplished. >> i'm pretty upset about it. i have to wonder if they're going to call me or not. >> the waiting list for hubbard place is now closed. they processed 300 applications in under four hours. hundreds of other people who showed up later in the day were turned away. well, tonight a woman is dead. a paramedic on leave and the dc fire department launching an internal investigation. this all began back on november 17th when the paramedic responded to a call for a woman experiencing abdominal pain. he determined the woman's condition was not so serious and declined to accompany her to howard university hospital.
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this despite the fact that the ambulance personnel asked that the paramedics stay with the patient. that woman later died. she was having an apparent heart attack. she was seen by a doctor and a cardiologist before she passed away, but the question now is if that paramedic did the right thing. >> we have a protocol that dictates the employee's actions. and that is why we're looking at this. we want to make sure the protocol was followed. if protocol was followed, then the employee may not be obligated to remain on the scene. if protocol was not followed, then there may have been an obligation that should have been followed. >> this is being compared to the death of new york journalist david rosenbaum. he died after emergency responders miss diagnosed him. they dropped a $20 million lawsuit in exchange for change to protocol. a man being called the east coast rapist is back in virginia tonight. aaron thomas is accused of raping 17 women from virginia
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all the way to connecticut over a 10-year span. he was arrested in connecticut back in march. now he faces his first trial in prince williams county for the assault of two girls in woodbridge two years ago. tonight the police are investigating the death of a newborn baby buried in a shallow grave. the woman gave birth to a stillborn baby girl at her home back on december 19th. five days later and 50 miles away, prince william county police responded to a report of a trespasser on a property. officers found steel in that wooded area and remains of her baby. >> it seems to have been a state of panic. she knew the area. she just thought it would be kind of remote, a place to bury the child. >> police are still investigating whether the child was, in fact, stillborn. she is charged with concealment of a dead body. she is out on bond and will be
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back in court december 8th. an update now on a search for a murder suspect who was accidentally let out of jail. frederick scott is back behind bars after he turned himself in to prince george's county police. a clerical error allowed him to get out on bond. he shot and killed 30-year-old phillip watson back in march. in may, police arrested him in las vegas and had him extradited back to maryland. again, he is back behind bars and being held on a $500,000 bond. a disgrace to the medical profession. that is what the judge called conrad murray after he handed down his four year jail sentence. a jury convicted him of involuntary manslaughter. the pop icon's family says this is still not enough. >> you can't bring michael back. he's gone. >> we'll never be satisfied because michael is not coming back. >> jail overcrowding could cut murray's sentence in half. prosecutors blame the doctor for giving the surgical anesthetic to jackson and then failing to
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monitor him. we've all heard the saying speak softly and carry a big stick. the premises dc police are carrying to occupy protestors. they are not evicting the demonstrators from the park. instead they have posted signs reminding the demonstrators about the park rules and that if you break the law, you will get thrown in jail. however, it seems the group has found a loophole around one of the rules. that is the one that says no camping. >> we're not camping. we're holding a 24-hour vigil. >> you know, there is a blur of fine line between camping and a 24-hour vigil. can you admit that? >> that is correct. yes. >> well, park police did arrest two protestors today. one was seen with the illegal drugs. meanwhile, a spokesperson for the park police tells us they are taking what they call a conservative approach because they want to allow people to exercise their rights. occupiers say they hope to clean other parks as a way to give
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something back. top. >> well, back to reality. i mean, nothing crazy cold but much different than what we've had. here is your wakeup weather. look for temperatures to start 39-44 at 5:00. upper 30s to mid 40s at 7:00 and finally climbing into the 40s at 9:00. grab your coat and sunglasses. we'll come back to see how cold it's going to end up in the afternoon and how long it will be around. still ahead tonight. >> i asked for your support and your vote. >> rick perry's latest gasp as he tries to get out the vote. and let's be real about herman cain's alleged infidelity. even if it's true, could he
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the biggest selling prescription drug ever is about to go generic. lipitor expires tomorrow so they can start filling the pill with a generic. the pill is a little different, but the active ingredient is the same thing and the cost should be significantly less. more than 8 million americans take it for high cholesterol. yet another oops moment for presidential candidate rick perry. >> this time he misspoke in front of college students. >> reporter: you know this is broadcast journalist often times we misspeak and we have gaps live on the air all of the time. quite frankly more than some of us would like to admit. but what happens when a presidential candidate does it repeatedly? rick perry is having to figure that out the hard way. >> those of you that will be 21 by november the 12th, i ask for your support and your vote. those of you who won't be, just
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work hard. >> reporter: it's rick perry's latest gasp saying the voting age is 21 when in reality it's 18. >> those of you who will be 21 by november the 12th, i ask for your support and your vote. >> reporter: he asks for support on november 12th. the election is on november 6th, 2012, and the new hampshire republican primary isn't until january 10th. you can hear his remarks at the institute of politics at new hampshire's college caused some of the crowd to chuckle. tuesday's slip of the tongue comes just a few weeks after another major public blunder for perry. it was early in november during a debate in michigan that the presidential hopeful had this less than impressive moment. >> it's three agency in government that get there when i'm gone. commerce, education and the -- what's the third one there? let's see. >> reporter: perry was trying to refer to the department of energy. the spokesmen for perry told reporters his slip of the tongue
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was simply him misspeaking. the video is already growing in popularity online. earlier today i did reach out to rick perry's campaign to get some more comment on this and never heard back from them. anita. >> ken molestina, thank you. as of now, the conventional wisdom is that herman cain is dead man walking politically. his campaign can't possibly survive the new allegations of a 13-year long extramarital affair. but derek says it is not up to the pundits. >> no, in fact the question for herman cain tonight is do voters still really care about infidelity? well, according to a survey, 46% say past infidelity would make them less likely to vote for a candidate. on the other hand, there was bill clinton who, as we know, got elected president after acknowledging his marital failings on 60 minutes. and then he not only survived having relations with a white house intern, his job approval numbers peaked at 69% right
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after the scandal erupted. and he left the white house with a job approval rating one point higher than ronald reagan by all accounts a faith fall family man. they also found that americans didn't much like clinton as a man. in fact, two-thirds found him to be dishonest. 75% said he lacked high ethical standards. in other words, they separated bill clinton from the job the man was doing as president. it really was, in fact, all about the economy. now, we know that men and women can see this issue very differently and conservatives, conservatives tend to be more, well, conservative about it. but let's be real, we also know americans as a group despise hypocrisy and we hate being lied to. and if herman cain's campaign is really all done, those may be the things that even his most ar dent supporters cannot forgive. >> a lot is going to happen here in the days to come. >> oh, yes. and the weather is changing too. >> it is. i mean, again, it's a reality check.
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it's not unbelievably cold. >> they're calling it a correction. i think you're sugar coating it. >> no. we were 20 degrees above average. now we're going to go down to average. >> okay. >> which is all we can ask for really. let's start with temperatures. temperatures really haven't fallen that much. just down to 49 at national. let's see. in the 40s in the burbs. 45 in manassas. you jump the divide and you're looking at snow showers overnight. 32 in oakland, 46 in culpeper. the storm is exiting new england tonight and early tomorrow. wraparound moisture, wraparound cold air is producing some snow in parts of ohio and west virginia and it will move into west maryland and also around tucker county and into mineral county in west virginia overnight. as far as we're concerned, the winds will pick up and it will get colder. all of the precipitation is older in the immediate metro area. and we checked in with about half an inch of rain today. that was about the average across the area. so breezy and cold to start
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tomorrow. no doubt about that. a jacket and sunglasses. they'll be needed. at least a coat anyway. cool but seasonable. really that is what it's going to be. it's going to actually feel cold compared to what we've had. but remember it's about average. we're about to close out the month of november here. and we're going to have a very nice finish to the week, albeit average. partly cloudy, breezy, colder tonight. a 1-2 blanket night. 38-44. actually i raised temps a little bit. now by morning partly cloudy, breezy and cold. you'll need a jacket. 30s and 40s. winds southwest 10-15. and you don't think of a southwest wind as a cold wind. normally it isn't. but it will bring in partly colder air tomorrow. by afternoon, variable clouds, breezy and colder but seasonable. winds turn a little more westerly at about 10-15. zone forecast, remember all six zones are on our website 45 in cumberland tomorrow for a
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high. i think hagerstown and martinsburg and winchester will struggle but they'll get to 50. leesburg you'll struggle to get to 50 as well and 51 in manassas and 52 and 51 in fairfax. downtown low 50s. charles county, st. mary's county and low 50s up towards gaithersburg. 53 in annapolis. with the winds, there is a small craft advisory for wednesday. you might even see it reissued on thursday. 38-44 to start. partly cloudy at 7:00. 48-52 at noon and 49-54 by evening. again under partly cloudy skies. grab a coat and sunglasses. next three days, temps go down just a little bit on thursday. but mostly sunny, 51. friday is going to be a gorgeous day, sunshine and 54. saturday they go down again in the low 50s. then the temps go back up over
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the weekend. a great day for football. upper 50s to low 60s on sunday. then shower and rain on mondays, we're back in the 50s. maybe a morning flurry or shower on tuesday. >> you better get the christmas light out this weekend. >> that's a good plan. >> my hat. >> another good plan. at the verizon center, the old guy is the new guy. [ laughing ] >> meet the new boss. >> yes. same as the old boss. [ laughing ] >> electricity at verizon center tonight. that's what it was. dale hunter from the raptors to the bench. look at the change of the top help the struggling cats and the man he replaced speaks about his relationship with alex ovechkin and maryland on the verge of >4
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so caps new head coach dale hunter likes to fashion himself as a blue collar guy. he only has one suit. reporters ask him what do you do, go to the dry cleaners every
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day? he said yes. that and a lot of deodorant. that's exactly what he said. i did make up the last part. he has a big dry cleaning bill. whatever he does, he lit a fire under alex ovechkin. one timer to backstrom. 8th time for the team lead. second period this is a soft goal, guys. as in baby skin soft. thomas can't control the rebound. 2-1 blues. caps only had one power play. this was it. final seconds trying to score. nope. st. louis ruining the debut 2-1. >> the guys worked hard tonight and it was a tight game the whole game. they've been playing well and they're good defensively. with had our chances and especially in the third period we could have tied it up. >> i think if they're going to play the same way, we're going to get some success. >> as for bruce boudreau, he told today that he never had a problem with the guy you just saw alex ovechkin and
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that rumors that they had beat are over blown. ovechkin called him right after the news of the firing and wished him good luck. and he told alex, hey, man, i love you. love is all around. so your maryland trying to drum up optimism about this year's basketball squad beating florida gulf coast by six ain't going to do it. terms playing with a skeleton crew. six scholarship players. there is the turgeon general right there. the turgeon general. who says it's okay to smoke stogey. up and over he had 25. third time in year he scored over 24. there is another bucket there. upset in the making until illinois behind sam drops it like it's hot. illinois 71-62. all right. howard and au. jeff jones is choking on the sidelines there. au graph the eagles has landed.
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the au eagles has landed. american beats howard 77-66. there you go. finally dc coming soon. nba players can access facilities beginning thursday. no coaches are allowed but teams with start talking to agents on wednesday. so basketball here we come. >> yes, man. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> it should be
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